Tuesday, February 3, 2009

At market, Bondi Junction


  1. wow!!so many fruits and vegetables!haha!!you no need to worry that you will become fatty!because there's so many fruits and vegetables!

    hey hey,you must eat these all food as much as you can,so that you have enough nutrition for your body!and also to prevent you become weaker.sumore you stay in oversea there,maybe you canot adapt yourself to the new climate.so,you have to eat it!hehe

    i know you wana say that i started to become like a 大妈(hokkien),but i still hv to say it,because IT IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD!

    that's me!!hahaha!!

  2. fruits is gud 4 ur health le~~
    there d food look like so fresh..
    u should eat more..
    so that myb when u cum bec
    u will at least tall a bit ma..

  3. yee theng,

    anyways,i will take care myself ...
    dont worry about me..
    now i learn how to take bus...
    how to adapt with the australian culture n climate and so on. hehe~~

    yen peng,
    hey...wat la...
    wat mean by tall a bit??
    y u always perli me de...