Friday, February 6, 2009

~ this is the city ~


  1. Hi,how are you doing over there?>
    Wish you all the best and take care!

    Jia You!

  2. Yee theng,
    ya...juz these...bcoz i forget to bring my camera usb i cant transfer the picture to computer...sorry ya...n the quality of pictures r very terrible,coz my phone camera very low standard de...

    hi,i am learning the culture at here n try my best to adapt my new life...may experience that i gain for these few week. Now i think is better de. tuesday,i will move to new hse ady.i think i hv to wait for a few months, then only move bec to here. so, i hv to learn how to take bus again from my new hse to college... pity~~

  3. no worries! is great to experience a new lifestyle at different parts of the world! you will surely learn a lot of new new stuffs!