Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Now already week 7 which mean all the February USFP students will sitting for test because this is the assessment week.

The timetable of assessment task 

Actually, I feel dissappointed to myself. Before I was coming back to Sydney, I told myself and promised myself that I will try my best for the Semester 2. But I do not do what i had promise to myself.Today is the first day of assessment task. In the early morning, I am worried abt my mathematics.Luckiy I sat for my mathematics test in classroom.If not, I think I cant finished the test paper and I will forget all the formula and the way to solve the question. I can do all of the question at home, in the lesson, but i will be scare when i am in exam room, is this called psychological block? I dont know what am i doing,but at least I know I wont fail for this mathematics paper. Now, I am worry abt my engliah and visual arts. OMG~~ I was run out of time for the english test paper, I dint write the reference list. Haiz... 0.5GPA is gone.So careless!! Haiz... Then how abt the arts paper, I think I will going to fail this paper regarding to my laziness, because I dint study for this subject. I just try to write about my feeling to the paintings. There are 2 questions to choose, I chose for the second question because I had written for the same question for the final exam of Semester 1.This artist is Frida Khalo.She like to do self-protrait as her art works. I think she is one of the artists who is quite famous in modernism.I am talking abt her 2 artworks.

"The Broken Column" in 1940
This painting actually is talking abt the tragic bus accident when she was 19. This accident had change her life because she had a crushed pelvis and broken foot.But I was written down that a accident of train, but she is still alive.(Now only i realise, how stupid was I) and I did write that her body was damage badly. Now I think I will fail for this paper. Haiz~~
"Self-protrait with thorn necklace and hummingbird" in 1944.
This is the second painting that I explained. But I think what am I wrote in the exam was wrong and I had create a new story of the original meaning of this painting. Haiz... sad~~

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