Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to Yee Theng!!


      First of all, I would like to greet my best friend!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU~~ waa~ it's hard for me to find a picture of us... haiz~~ so, i decide de... i promise to myself... i will take a lot of pictures with you when i go back to Malaysia!! hehe^^ Actually I donno y this picture look blur~~ and I look so sleepy... haha ^^ But i really miss the time... when we went to redbox together! I really miss the time when we r together!! All my memories in CDK are given by u all.... really thanks alot!! Yee Theng, really thanks to you!! fetch me to here and there... we always stay together no matter in class, lab, even in tuition centre again!! Sometime, we hang out and have fun together!! I really hope I can graduate soon and going back to join u all!! I am sorry that i dint really spent my time with all of u during my summer break on December!! I know all of u r very angry at me but I dint blame anyone!! because I know, it's my fault!! I apologise at here!! "SORRY" Hope all of u wont angry at me anymore!! especially to yen peng, sasa and you!!! Once again~~ SORRY !!! and



Yee Feng
(Deng Deng)


  1. it's ok.we are best not need to apologize.thanks for your wishes.did i really fetch you go here and there?lol!forgot d.we are always stand by your side.faster come back and join us la.we will always be waiting for you! xD

  2. yaya ^^ i really wish i can fiish my course asap and go back to join u all... damn missing all my friends...

  3. hm.. actually i also got wrong la, din go and find u... sorry... however, dont nid to feel sorry to us la, all friends ma, wont angry each other de.. so..are u still coming back for cny?

  4. that's great!! hope u all wont angry at me... erm... i am not going back during cny... hehe^^i will celebrate mt cny and valentine at here...